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Well good news, Ranch Products and their 986 moon clips work as well, except, they have fewer burrs to stone off. :D


They drop in like TK and Speed Beez, but cost the least out of the three. They too are around .030 thick. $14.99 for 8 in a package. I've used their moon clips in my S&W 625-8. So I gave them a try. As far as I can tell, they are as stiff as the Speed Beez. The Speed Beez were $29.99 for 10. I bought two 8pc orders of the RP for $29.98 making it 16 RP over the 10.

I did the pocket test and carried them around loose in my pocket, for a couple of days, and they never lost a round.

TK Custom 1 moon clip equals $8 when bought in a package of 5. Their quality, workmanship, and materials can not be better. If they were $4 a clip, it wouldn't be a contest.

Speed Beez 1 equals $3 a moon clip when bought in a package of 10. They are actually meant for a S&W 986 and are .005" thicker than Taurus and TK. I was disappointed in the bad burrs. A medium knife sharpening stone and some honing oil took care of the burrs in about 20 minutes. I even hit them with my fine stone.

Ranch Products, 1 moon clip equals $1.88 when bought in a package of 8. Fewer burrs than Speed Beez and similar material quality.

At this point, I'm done buying moon clips for now. I've even tried them in the 6.5" blued 692. Since it is blued I suspected less clearance. You have to remove the burrs on Speed Beez for them to work and while RP did work with the burrs, they did drag a little. So the burrs had to go as well.

As for Taurus, it's been one error after another. In the below picture, you will see the cuts between cartridges is not even and weakens one side and are easily bent carrying in the pocket or at the range. TK, Speed Beez, and Ranch products do not have this cut.

taurus moon clip.jpg

Taurus offered to send me some new ones, and they arrived today. Can someone guess what is wrong?


They are back ordered on the 692, and will send me some new ones no charge when they came in. Otherwise I get to keep the 905 moon clips even though I don't have a 905. :bang:

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