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Ranch Dog Mold Group Buys

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I am going to be running a four group buys on the Cast Boolit Forum for my 25 ACP, 30-30 Win, 38-55 Win, and 454 Casull designs. The 25 ACP mold is designed around the 25PLY/PT25. The 454 Casull mold might be of interest to revolver shooters as the Rossi 92 carbine was the design model. The chamber on this rifle appears to be cut just as a cylinder chamber would be.

Please see these links:
These buys are now open, please see the appropriate topic:

Ranch Dog TL255-50-RF for 25 ACP Group Buy

Ranch Dog TLC311-165-RF for 30-30 Win Group Buy

Ranch Dog TLC380-250-RF for 38-55 Win Group Buy

Ranch Dog TLC452-330-RF for 454 Casull Group Buy

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Any chance of the .380 acp mold?
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