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Raging Judge non fluted cylinder???

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Hello, New to the forum. I am interested in purchasing a stainless Raging Judge with the 3" bbl.. I read that these are or were offered with non fluted cylinders? If so, I want one. If not I'll buy the fluted. Does anyone know? Thanks
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Welcome from lower alabama

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I know that the 28 gauge Raging Judge prototype had a smooth cylinder but not the production 454
I haven't seen a Raging Judge with a non-fluted cylinder. Not that they don't exist, as Taurus seems to love special production runs to create unique versions that are never shown in their catalogs or website.

Taurus definitely produced regular Judges with non-fluted cylinders, both in 2 3'4" and 3" Magnum length cylinders. Their order# has a NF at the end, I'd imagine it stands for non-fluted.. The one I owned was a 2-441031MAGNF.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the replies. Yes, I knew about the 28 gauge prototype at the shot show last year having a non fluted cylinder. But I did see a few ads stating Raging Judge's were available with non fluted cylinders. Oh well, thanks for the info all
I'll keep a watch for non-fluted Raging Judges. I had just included the info on regular Judges in case they were mistakenly advertised as RJs.

I've seen 2 1/2" Judges listed as Magnums. I think some sellers don't know the different versions that well and/or include flashy words to attract potential uneducated buyers.
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