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Raging Bull 500 S&W front sight

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I have a few other “Raging” series Taurus revolvers that have the fiber optic front sight which makes them really nice to shoot and hunt with. I want the same for my newly acquired Raging Bull 500 Magnum.

I ordered one from Taurus and it came in today it was identical in every dimension to the original blade except the width was substantially thicker that the original which doesn’t fit the slot in the top of the barrel.

Who makes front blades for these things? I have a mic and can measure the slot to compare against maybe a S&W sight or a Ruger...as long as the height from barrel stays the same I should be good to go....any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry guys how could I forget the obligatory gun porn! Here she is a day before the front sight modification:
Revolver Auto part
Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Gun barrel

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I already did file an equal amount off of each side of the blade and fit it to the weapon. I am looking for a better option, the sight picture just isn’t quite right. The blades are identical in every dimension except thickness but this new sight now with the bright dot doesn’t align properly with the rear adjustable sight...the notch size in the rear needs to be enlarged just a bit....

If I’m going to go through all this to get a good sight picture rather than modify a rear sight I don’t like I’d rather find an adjustable that will fit this weapon. I’m sure someone makes them and I’m sure someone besides me has been unhappy with the sights on this beast so that’s where I’m at.

I guess if all else fails a 15” long 5 lb. revolver does make a hell of a club in a pinch lol.

On another note if anyone has a good idea of value on the 10” Raging 500 please chime in....GB has only had 3 listed in a looooong time, one for $1,3xand the other for $1,8xx. I know whenever I talk to people about it they think I’m nuts when I say they are rare and worth more than the Smith 500’s.

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I did fit the sight to the weapon however I don’t like the sight picture...the rear notch isn’t quite the correct size for the now wider front blade.

Someone out there knows that a sight from XXXXX will also fit this gun. I’m going to change the rear site up a bit now too...or find a more suitable front blade and still upgrade the rear. I am not an optics guy...at least not on revolvers. I like iron sights and am very proficient with them even at distance.

Also Inwould like your guys opinion on value. GunBroker has had 3 sell in the past is all that shows up. One for $1,3xx and the other sold for $1,8xx and I bought the third outside of GunBroker.
I’ll be honest I have $1000 into it and I am very pleased as the guy that sold it to me included the factory scope mount and a $100+ locking steel case. It is in perfect condition...no finish flaws anywhere on it. I even removed the mount and someone was smart enough to put a liner in between the mount and the barrel which I was happy to find!
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Sorry guys I wrote the first post and when I clicked post it had an error message that came up and said I wasn’t logged in then I logged in and it erased the post...somInre-wrote it and then posted and the first and second appeared....I am using my phone so that doesn’t make it any easier.
I love shooting the BIG calibers.....454, 500, 50BMG, 50 Beowulf, 50AE....They're addictive....and expensive....but oh so damn much fun to shoot. I just got the 500 two weeks ago. I waited a week to shoot it as the Ohio weather has not been exactly ideal this spring. Anyhow I went to the LGS and paid $55 (OUCH) for a box of Magtech and when I got home went out back to take the first shots. I loaded it up, sighted in on my steel 12" x 20" torso target....and BOOOOOOM! My target disappears, well I get up there and saw that the 3/8" AR500 held up just fine but the 2x4 it was mounted to didn't care for the force of the 500 magnum at all.
I've been shooting at that steel since fall so it does take a LOT of abuse and bullet splatter (the wood) so it was certainly weakened as compared to a full strength 2x4 but still....DAMN the power of that beast is nothing short of impressive....even when the shooting paper and the rounds slam into the hillside it throws dirt 35 feet into the air....I'm hooked!
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