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Raging Bull 500 S&W front sight

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I have a few other “Raging” series Taurus revolvers that have the fiber optic front sight which makes them really nice to shoot and hunt with. I want the same for my newly acquired Raging Bull 500 Magnum.

I ordered one from Taurus and it came in today it was identical in every dimension to the original blade except the width was substantially thicker that the original which doesn’t fit the slot in the top of the barrel.

Who makes front blades for these things? I have a mic and can measure the slot to compare against maybe a S&W sight or a Ruger...as long as the height from barrel stays the same I should be good to go....any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry guys how could I forget the obligatory gun porn! Here she is a day before the front sight modification:
Revolver Auto part
Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Gun barrel

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Raging Bull 500 Magnum.

WOW, I'll bet that dude is a hand full.

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