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i have a pt809 have had it for 6months and have fired around 15000 rounds through it and my brass is still hitting me in the head any fixes with out it taking a vacation
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15K rounds in SIX MONTHS? Wow.

I've got an old Grendel P12 .380 that does that. I just wear a hat. :D
I have a couple pistols that do that to me. I noticed on my pt99 that factory ammo ejects straight
out the side, but my reduced load cast lead ammo ejects up and most of the time, off my head. Marty
Maybe take a look at your extractor and see if there's anything wrong there. Otherwise, I think I might send it on vacation if it's been doing it that long..I think they pay shipping if it's under a year old...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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