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Quick range trip with Savage Axis .223

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At I was leaving my local range last summer, I saw a guy setting up a synthetic rifle with bipod. I asked him what he had there and he told me it was a Savage Edge in .223. He said it was a real tack driver but that Savage no longer made them. I spent the next few months researching forums for that gun and it seems that Savage now makes the Axis as a replacement for the Edge. Same gun with a different name due to trademark issues or some such thing. I really loved the idea of owning an inexpensive gun in that caliber, as it would also be inexpensive for ammo (or so it was in November). Anyway, my wife wanted me to have this "entry level" rifle for a Christmas gift. It was at a local store for $309 which included a Busnell 3x9x40 scope. I took it to the range today for a quick sight in. Had to walk through 100 yards of snow a foot deep to set targets after intial work at 25yds. Happy to report that this gun is all that I hoped it would be. Shot 1.5" groups of three at 100 yds in 28 degree weather and 30 mph wind in our face, from a makeshift rest. As well as I shot it, my 84 yr old father had better groups. Great rifle. Would recommend it highly. And to top it off, a trip to Gander Mt. post range let me find a new shipment of ammo, albeit Remington UMC in 200 round case. $100 per case for those wondering.
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I have contemplated buying the same rifle,because I like my 93r17 from Savage. After looking at them ,I decided to check out the larger calibers.
Great range report,Savage definitely makes a good out of the box accurate rifle.Glad you like it.
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