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You can purchase extra barrels right from Rossi. They may have you send in your receiver to fit it though. I have never had an issue with their rifles/shotguns at all. Usually pretty good
Actually I've heard that they will NOT sell other barrels. They will for the wizard but not for the matched pair rifles...

That being said, I have that exact set...the 22/410. I got them for my 8 year old but we've only had a chance to take it out once. I liked it a lot and the 410 is fun to shoot. I can say this though, my older son dropped it once and the front bead sight came off and we lost it in the snow. Not a big fix but I do think they should be a little more hardy than that. I ended up getting a truglo bead sight and installed it with Locktite, that should keep it in there.

Here's a pic of mine...oh and BTW, these make great budget survival rifles, you can store a few things in the stock and the whole set up with the bag can easily go in a trunk or behind a truck seat.

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