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Re: Questions about durability of airweight Taurus revolvers & airweight vs regular

Krinkovliu said:
My second question is this:

If I buy an airweight Taurus hammerless revolver in .38+P do I have to worry about this alloy pistol wearing down? I will probably put 100 rds of 38 Spec and 50 rounds of 38+P to break it in, and then put it in my drawer so the amount of ammunition fired though it will not be huge.

Thanks for your input.
Why would you put it in a drawer? I`m new here also but from what I have read and after talking to the Taurus people, all the 38 revolvers are +p rated. I just bought the 85 UL and it shoots great and for me 357 would be overkill. Its all about shot placement, 5 in COM. Shoot non +P at the range and carry +P for SD carry if you are worried that you will break it. just my hummble 2 cents.
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