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I am new to revolvers so pardon me if these questions have been asked before.

By way of background, when I lived in California I carried a Seecamp 32 because I had to hide this pistol from both the bad guys and from the police. I now live in a state where open carry is allowed and where concealed pistol permits are easy to obtain (I have one). So now I would like to upgrade to a revolver (I have about ten semi-autos so this option is not up for discussion) which I can carried concealed or, if the situation warrants, completely or partially open.

I am focusing on hammerless revolvers such as the Taurus 650 or 850. My first question is this:

I am torn between buying a pistol that can handle .357 Mag which means getting a 2" revolver that weights about 24 ounces or a pistol that is rated .38+P that will weigh about 16 ounces. Is the extra umph from a 357 worth the extra weight? If I am using the pistol it will be in an urban setting at a short distance so I wonder if .357 is overkill (slip of the tongue).

My second question is this:

If I buy an airweight Taurus hammerless revolver in .38+P do I have to worry about this alloy pistol wearing down? I will probably put 100 rds of 38 Spec and 50 rounds of 38+P to break it in, and then put it in my drawer so the amount of ammunition fired though it will not be huge.

Thanks for your input.
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