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Question regarding 18-20 yr olds, shotguns and rifles used for self defense

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Regarding raising the purchasing age for rifles and shotguns to 21, I know this adversely affects 18-20 yr. old hunters, but I'm trying to find examples of 18-20 yr olds using those types of guns for home defense. I know there must be examples out there, but when I search I have only found examples of people even younger that this age range that couldn't legally buy a gun anyway. They were home alone and used their parents guns. Even if it's only 1 example, as the anti gunners say, even if it might save one life it is worth it.
My internet searching skills must be lacking. Does anyone know of examples of this, or know of a way to find out?
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Try this scenario out.

Female college sophomore living in an off campus apartment. She's 20 and living all alone in a little efficiency apartment across the street from campus. She can't get or keep a hand gun but she can, right now, keep that 20 gauge coach gun that her uncle gave her. Or, if she doesn't have a generous uncle, then she can go down to Walmart and buy a Mossberg 500.
If I'm not mistaken they just upped their minimum age to 21. But I'm sure there are plenty of LGS out there perfectly willing to.
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