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Question for all experts

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Can anyone here tell me about the differences between the Rossi 462 and the Taurus 605? The Rossi is cheaper so I am wondering why. Does the Taurus have better steel quality? Better trigger? Better lockup? Etc..
I have nothing but good things to say about Taurus and if the Rossi is as good as the Taurus then I might go that way but wanted to ask everyone here first.
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First, I by far, am not an expert. I have had good luck with Taurus Revolvers. I only have one Rossi, A 357 snub a 971. I used it to take my CCW Class. It seems to be a good gun. I would like to have a 461 or 2 but I have plenty of 357 snubs as it is. I have read good things about them. If I get a chance at a used one in a face to face deal, I'd buy it.
I thought Taurus purchased or bought controlling stock in Rossi. I didn't think Taurus actually manufactured Rossi, although I have been wrong once or twice before in my life... ;)
I think you are right about Taurus just owning the majority share and not manufacturing the product but it seems like everywhere I read about Rossi people are happy they are now part of Taurus.
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