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Hey all,

I hope you can answer this question. I am new to this forum. I bought a Taurus PT-111 Pro 9mm last month, and plan to use it as my concealed-carry weapon, after I take classes in the next few months. So far, I am very impressed. I haven't had a jam or fail to fire, or anything serious at all. I would definitely trust my life to this gun and have recommended it to my friends.

Only one thing I noticed is my back sight slides left to right. It doesn't stay put, and is so loose sometimes it even moves some while I am shooting. Needless to say, this makes getting used to the sights difficult. I tried using the tool that came with it to adjust the sights, but nothing seems to happen. My brother has the same exact gun (we are taking the classes together), and his sights do not move like mine.

Any help is appreciated!

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