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Question about new sights

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Do upgrades sights come with the mounting screw for the rear sight? The screw came out of mine and is no where to be found and new sights were already planned

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Depends on which sights you are buying, the sights from Lakeline include the rear sight screw.....................
I have TruGlo TFX Pro on mine and they have a set screw to secure it in the dovetail.

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The Truglo sights do not reuse the Taurus sight screw. They use a set screw to hold themselves into the dovetail. Lakeline sells those as well as several sights that DO reuse (and require) the factory rear sight screw.
Ok thanks all. Seems like a good reason to upgrade

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Ok installed my new sights, TRUGLO Tritium night sights. Now I ran a few mags through it last weekend and I'm shooting 1.5-2" low bench rest tested. Now what

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Raise you're gun 1.5 to 2"? The sights are probably a lower profile so you will have to adjust to them
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