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Question about model 65

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I have. Taurus model 65 .357 magnum, I was wondering if I can shoot 38+P rounds in it.
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Yes, the model 65 can shoot any .38 Special. +P or otherwise. Just be aware that carbon rings will build up in the cylinder chambers and need to be removed or cleaned out after every range session.

A good solvent and copper brush should be able to get those out of the chamber. Many of us do that for our .357 magnum revolvers.

If you do not want to have to do that and want a .38 Special +P rated revolver only the Taurus 82 ( [video=youtube;mS53qZ0TjwY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS53qZ0TjwY]Taurus Model 82 - YouTube[/url] ) or a Rossi 851 ( Rossi 851 - YouTube[/video] ) will fill the bill.

I own a older model 65 with the 2.5" barrel and it is one of my winter CCW carry guns in the rotation. I carry Remington 158gr. lead semi-wadcutter hollowpoints in it for defense rounds. Speer Gold Dot 135gr.,+P rounds are the second go to round.

132gr.-158gr. standard pressure rounds are used for practice. These also hit at or close to point of aim as the +P rounds do. At least they do in my model 65.

Should I need the .357 magnum power then the ability is there. The 125gr. Remington Golden Saber, 140gr. Hornady or Corbons get used. Short barrel Speer 135gr., 357 magnum rounds are good bet as well.
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