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Question about C.A.R. stance

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Have been reading about stances to improve accuracy... came across a stance called the CAR (Center Axis Relock) stance.

I am not sure if I understand what they mean by "cant" (See picture below). Is it referring to rolling the dominant wrist inward, effectively "leaning" the gun inward toward the non-dominant hand?

With the CAR system, recoil is reduced greatly. This reduction is achieved through the use of either of two main stances, and by "locking" the muscles and bones of the arms which is accomplished by slightly canting the gun hand.

The canting movement, though slight, greatly enhances stability by changing the alignment and relationship of the muscles and bones in the gun hand arm.

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I haven't truly practiced it in a vehicle but for those of us in our right mind - LEFTIES - it looks like it would be hard to emulate without telegraphing or making yourself a bigger target by moving forward some.

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