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This good stuff, I've heard that glock 40's will shot 9mm with a barrel/mag swap, didn't know about the taurus. I was all set to buy a 9mm until today.


Ciener order form has a different place to check if you want a Taurus vs. Beretta 22 kit. I suspect that the kits may be the same, but the magazines are different. I believe the Taurus & Beratta mags are not interchangable because of where the mag catch is.

I'm leaning Taurus instead of Beretta because of the safety location. A taurus controls are frame mounted, the beretta controls slide mounted, the Ciener kit has no slide mounted controls. To decock you'll have to use your thumb.

Taurus controls are more standard to me, thumb swipe down to fire, same as all PT series, all 1911's, M&P & XD's with manual safes. Beretta does match my Walther P22 and other European models.

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