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From your PM

do you know if beretta 90-2.40 barrel is identical to the beretta 96 barrel?

The Beretta 90-2 is currently available in 9mm only at this writing. I have not seen a .40 Caliber version for sale as yet. If and when it does become available, it will probably be called the 90-6, if current naming trends hold. A .40 Caliber Barrel typically will not fit a 9mm Slide, as the Slide BoltFace will be smaller. 9mm barrels may work in a .40 Caliber Slide, but their will be some slop in the fit and there may be feeding problems due to the Slide Boltface not guiding the base of the shell being stripped from the magazine. The magazine however, may still guide and feed it and the Extractor may still fit if it is long enough. (A lot of maybes here.) Not ideal, but it could work. I prefer to buy the appropriately chambered and calibered pistol and stick with that! If you bought a 9mm Slide and Recoil Spring to go with your conversion, that would be ideal, but then you would have about just as much in it as buying two separate guns.

The 9mm barrels of the Beretta 90-2, the Beretta 92, and the Taurus PT92 should interchange with no fitting.

Also -- may be you know this,will a .22 conversion for 96/92 fit the 90-two?

I believe so. Ask Beretta or the maker of the Conversion.
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