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PTxxx Stainless?

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Hello guys,
First post here. I've always wanted a 40sw PT series in stainless and it seems like I'm late to the party. It looks like Taurus had all sorts of them available at one time, but now discontinued. Are the stainless PT's discontinued, or just out of stock everywhere?
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Hello and welcome to TaurusArmed.net.

I checked Bud's Online Gun Shop earlier this evening and noticed that they had some PT111s (9mm) and PT145s (.45 ACP) still listed as in stock...but didn't see any PT140s.

Check around at some of your local pawn shops. You might be pleasantly surprised to find exactly what you are looking for.

Good luck!

EDIT...I was wrong, or at least I didn't see them earlier, but here's a stainless slide PT140 available at Bud's. http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/...39/Taurus+PT140+Millennium+Pro+40SW+Stainless
Welcome aboard.

It depends on what you mean as there are PT100/101 series which is the full size pistol.

The stable mate, the 940,Taurus PT940 .40SW 4" Stainless $471.00 SHIPS FREE has been discontinued as well as all medium frame metal framed 900 series guns.

If you go to Taurus International Manufacturing Inc then go to the type "940" into the search box and you'll see that they all have been archived and no longer an item that is available.

If you want a polymer pistol the PT140 Millennium Pro and Pro G2 are available. Or a 24/7G2 in .40caliber is available. That's all Taurus offers as they have cut down on their metal framed models drastically.

There are many of us who have gone over to the "Taurus Suggestion Box" board and asked that Taurus resurrect the 900 series medium frame pistols in various calibers.
It depends on what you're looking for exactly, PT simply stands for 'Pistola Taurus' so it encompasses a broad range of guns. For all metal, you want to look for a 100/101 or a 940. If polymer framed is more your style, you're looking for a 140, 840, 740, etc.. don't forget to count the 24/7 (Generation 1) series as well. There are many options available, just keep an eye out on the used case of you local gun shop and you may just find what you're looking for.
I actually wouldn't mind the mind either the medium or full size models but am leaning towards the full size. I can't believe it, some of the models on the Taurus site looks downright customized. Were they offered to the masses like that? I see the stainless PT100 are still in production, so that gives me hope. Also, I'm not sure how the general community feels about the gold accents, but I actually dig it. I would've picked this one up in a heartbeat if available: Taurus 100 40 S&W Stainless Gold Accents 5" BBL. Well, maybe change the grip.
Since there is a post count restriction in the classifieds section and I can't visit it yet, I'm picturing so many great guns. I can't wait until I can venture within.
Also, in today's crazy environment, the local gun shops here don't have much left. And what they do, it's darn near retail prices.
...I'm not sure how the general community feels about the gold accents, but I actually dig it.

I would've picked this one up in a heartbeat if available: Taurus 100 40 S&W Stainless Gold Accents 5" BBL. Well, maybe change the grip.
I can guarantee you that if I could find the pistol as depicted in the ad, for the price quoted, I'd be on it like a duck on a June Bug! (Pearl grips and all!)
Welcome to the forum! You may want to check Gunbroker for some good deals at times.
Welcome to the Forum.
Welcome to the forum and let me second what viper said. Gunbroker is a great source, and CDNN also has several generally. CDNN often picks up large batches of guns on closeout so you may find one of the gold accent guns new there for a good price.
Welcome to the forum.
Currently the available selection of PT metal framed pistols is extreemly limited thanks to the current rush to beat the ban. You may have a better chance of locating one of the PT945, PT940 pistols in the stainless with gold trim, but they are at a premium. The duo-tone stainless and black are non existant at this time. Another option for a gold trimmed pistol maybe to go for a
PT-1911 in the .38Super there are or were a few in black and gold out there.

If you were to find a blued pistol and another in stainless you can do a little mix and match to create your own look. There are also some gold plate kits on the market if you care to go even further.

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