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PT99 Decocker?

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Just got a used PT99. Took it out to the range and loved it. The sights were right on for me so didn't even tinker with them. It has Pachmayr grips which I like. But apparently they're the wrong ones, cause I'm sure the 99 has a decocker and these grips go all the way up to the fire position. I'll take them off to be sure it's a decock model. What's the best way to trim the left grip so I can use the decocker? Thanks. John
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Check the serial number and see when it was made. The guns made in the 80's and early 90's were not decockers.

What are the grips made of are they the rubber or hard plastic?
Haven't had a chance to take the grips off yet, but they're rubber. I'll check on the serial #.
Took the grips off. No decock. Learned something new.
you are'nt missing anything great, the decocker on the 92/99.. and im assuming on the .40 models as well.

sucks ok.. they do not decock all the way instead it decocks just before half cock..

so it never fully decocks the gun, i much much prefer on my beretta you hit safety it decocks all the way..

perhaps it does'nt do this on the taurus because although it has a firing pin block on the beretta it rotates away on the taurus there is no such rotation.. perhaps it would be hard on the firing pin to be blocked but be struck by the hammer..

i dont know but the decocker sucks.
My PT92 has a decocker and I like the way it works. Decocks to more of a 1/3rd cock, than a half-cock. The early PT92/99 series Pistols may be manually decocked and many prefer that over the mechanical decocker. Being able to manually decock your pistol is an often overlooked skill and easily mastered manual of arms. As I have a long association with the CZ75 Pattern Italian Clone Pistols, this is an essential skill, and I generally use it whenever I use one of those pistols, that is equiped with the CZ75 style Safety. Just make sure you are paying attention to what you are doing, when manually decocking! Otherwise any mistakes you make will result in a very loud noise!

Since this thread involves the PT92/99 Series, it probably belongs in the Taurus "Other Pistols" section of the Forum. Please Move.
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