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I was shopping for a PT917c today and ended up bringing a PT945 home instead for $300.00 including tax and misc...

Although I really wanted the PT917c, the PT945 had something very interesting about that made me have to have it... A Factory Taurus Ported Barrel and slide :) I like ported barrels...

I'll be going to the range Tuesday after work and post a couple of pics then if anyone is interested. Like to get a night shot of it, but doubt that will happen for awhile.
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Good deal! Keep us posted after your range session.

Congratulations on your new PT945! Hope you enjoy it!
My PT945 has made an excellent carry pistol.
Looking forward to seeing your pics!
any feedback? I own the same gun too.. :shooter:
Mine is has the factory ported barrel/slide and I love it!!! Not a single problem so far... although the front sight does have a habit of getting blackened from the ported barrel ;)
hmm i did'nt know the pt945 had a ported barrel.. was this only on some guns or was this standard?
The Porting was an extra cost option and not standard.

Mine had no porting, although it was available at the time I had it ordered.
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