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Pt92 sear spring

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Where would a fella look for a PT92AFS sear spring?
Nothing on Brownells that I could find... do I have to go through TaurusUSA.com?

Thanks for any advice.
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You'll have to call Taurus Customer Service for parts.
Yep, better call Taurus and have your Serial # handy.
Just did that.
1.5 month backorder on #3.23 Sear Spring??? Really?
ANYwhere else that you guys know of?
I am going to call a few Wisconsin gunsmiths and see what they say also.
Thanks again guys!
I would assume that the Beretta sear spring is interchangeable. (Then again, what the hell do I know? :)) Anyway, you can get a Beretta sear spring from Brownell's.
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Thanks MWJ!
The local smith took care of me (no charge).
No charge. What a deal.
Very nice of them.

"can I talk to Andy (shop owner)"
She said, "he's w/ someone can I take a message?"
"Can he help me out with a blah blah blah "
"I'll give him the message, call him back in a couple hours"
I called back... and she said "he's still busy as heck, but he got your message and told me to tell you he can help you out... just bring it in"
I went to the shop on Sat. AM and HE WAS HOME SICK WITH THE FLU!!!! (1st time he has EVERY had the FLU)
So "she" told the apprentice guy to look into my issue. I gave him my 92 and he came back 20 minutes later = DONE.
He said, "1/2 hour labor, you are all set".
I was fine with that and walked up to the counter and she said "no charge, dont worry about it. But you & your friend have to take a donut and tell your friends about the shop"

Not sure if she was Andy's wife or girlfriend but great customer service and what a sweatheart.
I also left them with an old school Springfield/Stevens Model 15 .22 to have re-blued/bright Duracoated.
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