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I bought a PT92 PVD. It came with the blue and black G10 grips and screws to match. A couple of the screws won't properly seat, and actually fall out during operation of the slide. It also came with the standard black grips, which are thinner than the G10s. Those fit perfectly and the screws seat tight. I got the gun late November 2019 and called Taurus customer service shortly afterward. I asked for different screws, if there are such things, so the G10 grips would match the gun. So far I have not received those screws. Three of the screws are female with a wide stem that fits on the male stud in the grip frame, and one is a smaller male that fits into a grommet in the frame. I did received some male screws and grommets just recently, and haven't yet seen if those will work.

The female screws are blue coated, maybe PVD also but haven't aged well during my attempts to tighten them onto the frame through the grip holes. At this point I wouldn't care if the screw heads are blue-PVD or black as the G10s are blue and black. However, I'd like for the G10 grips to fit on the gun because they look and feel much better than the thin black grips. I haven't made it over to the last remaining "hardware store" in my area to see if this is a more standard screw than I believe it is and find replacements on my own.

Anybody else have this issue?

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