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PT911 (9mm) Durability & Reliability

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Howdy, all.

A search didn't turn up much, so let me post the question:

Can anyone give me some stats (hopefully from personal experience) on the durability and reliability of the PT911 9mm?

I recently ran into one of these, unfired, for just under $450.

It balances well, the action is smooth, and it's just the right size.

Because of some injury history on my third finger, I need a grip that allows my little finger to engage. I've tried short compact grips and just can't get it done that way.

I have a couple of full-sized (service length) pistols, and the PT911 would be intended as a carry pistol, so the durability & reliability are important.

I asked on THR, and was advised that I might get better info here.

And here I am.

I'm trying to get a feel for how the PT911 behaves after a couple of thousand rounds.

The more rounds, the better.

What can you tell me?
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PT911 (9mm) Owners


Okay. Nobody with high round counts through a PT911?

Let's try this:

There are, as I understand it, at least 2 or 3 other models of metal-framed Taurus autopistols directly related to the PT911 -- like the PT908, PT938, PT940 -- (and the PT1911 doesn't count, since it is a later model directly based on Browning's design).

Some of you, or several of you, have those, too.

So, please, guys, I'd appreciate some feedback on this design.

I'm looking to a) spend the money, and b) stake my life on the thing.

So some real life experience would be nice.

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Would be just your luck to post this on a weekend when the weather is finally cooperating. I think most of the regulars are out taking advantage of warmer temps and some sun. Wait until the weekend is over and the posts will start to flow again in higher number.
Have you tried the "Search" box that is under your welcome?
I have a PT908, bought it lightly used yesterday. Put 200 rds though it today and love it (FLAWLESS). I plan on picking up several more Taurus 900 series pistols because I like the way this one shoots and handles. For the most part Taurus pistols are excellent firerams and should give you reliable service for longer then you probably live :)

Check the forums here and look for my PT908 thread, where I posted links for most of the 900 series pistols (including pictures).

Lots of luck, I love mine ;)
DRAEGER, thanks.

I have posted in your 908 thread.

Still hoping for more feedback on the 911.

Interesting taper to the grips (slightly narrower at the bottom).

Still feels good in the hand, just looks a little odd.
Ordered one, arriving this week

Well, lads, I found that RSR (in TX) has these in stock, and my local FFL has ordered one for me.

I will be out the door, including tax and Brady, for under $480.

New, blue, 2x 15 round mags.

Once I've had it to the range, we'll come back and talk about it.

Maybe with some pix of targets.

Just in case you missed it, RSR has another five of these in stock. Your local FFL should be able to snag you one.

Or you could just leave them there, and I'll pick them up when I have the dough.
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Not sure if it means much now but my wife’s uncle is a police chief and the PT911 is his carry weapon. I found it interesting to know he carried that when he has the choice to carry pretty much anything he wants. I have not had a chance to shoot it yet but I sure would like to ;D

Looks just like the one on the Taurus site too except his looked like it had black wood grips. Might have been fake wood but it looked like it had grain to it so it could have been real wood, Ill have to ask him what grips they are :-\
Introducing . . .

Ladies and gentlemen!

Introducing my little friend . . .

PT911: metal frame, 9mm, 2x 15 rd mag, DA/SA trigger (self-resetting), exposed low-profile hammer, 3-dot sights (oversize front dot), ambidextrous frame-mounted safety with decocker, Beretta-style takedown latch, smooth edges (no snag).
Very nice pistol. Of course you will have to give us a range report. :)

Why not put the pistol on something silky or fur and post it in Taurus Porn? We need a new pinup girl.....er.... I mean pinup pistol. :)
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