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I've looked through several "trigger" posts and haven't quite found a suitable answer for what my issue is so, here we go!

When my PT845 is in single-action mode, the trigger travel is very long and it's hard to find a consistent breaking-point. I'm sure it IS consistent but, the length of travel is so long, I can't get conditioned to that point. Is there a way to shorten the travel or give the trigger a sharper break? I went to the range this past weekend with a friend and shot several of his guns. He had an S&W .40 Sigma and the travel on its' trigger was so long it required two zip-codes to get from one end to the other! That gun was horrible! However, he also had a Ruger SR1911 and the trigger on that gun was amazing! You knew exactly where and when it would break every time! I want that from my PT845. Is that possible? Overall, the gun is great and I'm very happy I purchased it but, I'm a little unhappy with the trigger. Thanks in advance for any help provided!
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