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PT809c value?

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Anyone know the going rate of a PT809c with 2 mags in above average condition?
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About mid year 2017 I purchased a brand new in box PT-809c somewhere in the $259 price range. I also purchased a couple of full size PT-809 in the dual tone of earth and black in the $249 price range.

Of course there was shipping and transfers on the compact, the two full size were purchased new in box from local dealers.

The 809, at least to me is one heck of a bargain in this price range.....hence the fact that I own three of them now.
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I would put it in the $210-$230 range.
Thanks guys. Think i will pass on this one then.
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If size does not truly matter. The full size 809 offers more design enhancements.

The full size comes with interchangeable back straps for the grips to help enable you to find that perfect just for you hand hold. It also comes with ambi controls such as slide safety, and slide release where as the compact does not include these features.

And while extra magazines can be difficult and costly to purchase, the full size magazines do come along more often than that of the compact version.

There is a dealer on GB that currently has the PT809 and PT840 listed at $259 plus $10 shipping and no CC fees. But again these are for the full size frame.
I have the PT 840 and I think I could use it as a counsel carry should I take a notion to they would not be that hard to conceal plus it's very reliable
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