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Owning both of these firearms, I decided to perform a little shootout in an effort to see if the Taurus "nay-sayers" had any merit...

The test media for the day was "wetpack" -- the range was at a comfortable self defense distance of 5 yards. The same ammunition variety was used in both pistols for consistency and accurate comparison. Here are the results:

The Kahr P45 functioned flawlessly as I expected. The Corbon DPX loads and Winchester Black Talon loads provided the best penetration and expansion from the short barrel.

As you can see, the shorter barrel of the PT745C produced only slightly less penetration and equally good and consistent expansion. Again, the Black Talon (Winchester Ranger T SXT) and the Corbon DPX produced excellent results. The Remington Golden Saber and (surprisingly) the inexpensive Winchester White Box JHP (walmart) performed well too.

The Corbon Pow'Rball was the least effective out of either pistol.

Here are some pics of the wetpack test media -- and the recovery of bullets.

Conclusion: Both the Kahr P45 and the less expensive Taurus PT745C performed well during the test at self defense distances. No malfunctions were experienced with either firearm. Therefore, the PT745C should be considered a viable less expensive alternative to the Kahr P45. I would expect that the performance of the PT145 should duplicate what was observed in the PT745C -- as magazine capacity is the only appreciable difference in the models.
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