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PT709 slim Magazines

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Just got new pt709 slim and cannot find an extra magazine.Tried to call Taurus and was put on a waiting list that would take about an hour to talk to someone.
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not sure where you are, but mills fleet farm carries the mags
OKI, never call on a Monday morning? Use the toll free # 1-800-327-3776.
You might try CDNN. I noticed their website is back up and I received some MecGar PT92 mags today that I ordered about 3 weeks ago.
Just wanted anyone out there that might own a Taurus PT 709 slim that Taurus does have the magazines for this gun in stock!!!!! They are $36 plus shipping. I ordered 2 and the total with shipping was $80.75 ( for 2 magazines ). Their phone # 305-624-1115. I haven't received them yet because i just ordered them, but they told me they were in stock.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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