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I received my PT-609Ti yesterday. My dealer special ordered it for me. I purchased it mainly because it was DAO and was an intriguing color.

Now the good part----It was not "shadow gray" as the Taurus website pictures. It had a black polymer frame with a titanium slide that looked exactly like the PT111 Ti.
I didn't get to pull the trigger to see if it was truly DAO since I asked my dealer to return it. I'm not knocking the gun at all---just knocking the fact that I didn't get what I wanted. It was a mistake on the part of Taurus for putting that picture on the website when a different pistol is shipping. My advice----CALL TAURUS before you order something that you can't see firsthand and ask them whatever qustions you may have about the product. You'll be a lot happier than I was. :)

BTW---this is NOT a complaint...just my experience. ;)

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