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PT58HC: A quick review / Advice needed

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Two months ago, user Bluegrassstate posted the following message at The Firing Line forums:

"I hope I'm posting this question under the right section...anyway, just curious to know if anyone has tried the new model PT58 at the range..accuracy at what distance?..recoil, if any?..weight with 19 rd mag?...etc...any and all info will be appreciated...many thanks from the Bluegrassstate"

I used to have a PT58S, which I sold years ago. I do not remember a lot about the pistol, I did not shoot it very often, but I remember it was reliable. His thread sparked my interest. About three weeks ago, I bought a PT58 HC Plus, LNIB, and I carried it.

I have only fired about 500 rounds with it, mostly reloads, I have a friend that reloads .380acp. We tried 2 recipes. We also used a plinking recipe tabulated with very low pressures, and the PT58 ate them all with no failures of any kind. 100% reliability so far. Accuracy was not that impressive: At 17 yards, I averaged 6" groups. I usually fare better than that. I´ll keep trying it with different ammo, factory ammo, and hopefully results will improve.

The pistol has a tendency to eject spent cartridges everywhere. Sights on mine are simple 3 dot sights, and the front sight is an integral part of the slide. Recoil is soft. With lighter loads, there is barely any. IMO this pistol would be a good fit for recoil-sensitive shooters. The pistol has an aluminum frame and, loaded with 16 rounds, it feels light in the hip.

I carried it IWB for two weeks, and I was surprised to find rust spots at the disassembly lever and the left side grip screws. I removed the spots and treated the pistol parts with an anti-corrosion product, but rust spots keeps appearing on the exposed surface of the grip screws. Internally, there are uneven ondulations on the surface of the frame, under the end of the bore. I can feel them with my finger. Otherwise machining is good, and the pistol does not need much lubrication and it functions very smoothly.

The PT58S I used to have years ago had 12+1 capacity, and did not have a decocker. This one has a decocker, and 15+1 capacity. The spring guide rod in the new one is stainless steel. The grip in the new one is larger, same size as a PT92 grip. I think the smaller, shorter grip of the 58S was more appropriate to the pistol. I tested the PT58HC grip panels in a PT100, and they fit. They should fit on the PT92.

I do not like the 19 round magazines. The gun is muzzle light as it is, and the protuberant +4 extension further compromises the size and balance of the pistol. I carry it with 15 round magazines.

PT58HC Plus with 15+1 magazines

PT58HC Plus with 19+1 magazines

PT58HC Plus

PT58HC Plus, Frame

Reliable +
Low recoil +
Good tolerances, pistol works very smoothly+

Big for the caliber -
Non-steel frame -
Prone to rust on certain parts -

This is not supposed to be a technical, objective review. Just some quick personal observations.

Ok, they weren´t so quick.

I am having difficulties in removing the magazine catch, the thumb safety levers, and the main spring. The only holding pin I was able to get out was the extractor pin.Any advice is appreciated.
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I bought a PT 58HC+, since it was the largest caliber available to non-military/police here. My only other options were Baikals & Jennings. My question for the forum is regarding holsters. I've carried concealed for over 40 years and have never had so much trouble finding an IWB holster. I've ordered from Black Hills Leather & Galco, both times getting beautiful leather, but not fitting my pistol. A generic size 15 from Uncle Mikes fits perfectly, but isn't a long term solution. I've heard a Beretta Cheetah is the same size but don't have one to compare it with. Anyone out there have any experience with this question? Thanks,
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