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Just to cover all bases:Taurus Armed.net site guidelines

Please read the following and understand that these guidelines are set forth for the site. These will be enforced by the staff.

- English Language is required.

- Overall rating for this site is PG13. If you would not want your mom/grandmother/boss/neighbor/friend/foe or any other respectable person reading what you write, don't post it or use it in your signature line. Just because your mom/grandmother/boss accepts subjective material doesn't mean mine will, the Taurus Armed.net staff will be the final arbiter of what is disrespectful and/or inappropriate.

- Negative feedback about Taurus products will be allowed. Constant bashing will not be allowed. Constant negativity against any manufacturer will not be tolerated, especially Taurus.

- There will be no self promoting allowed on this site without sponsoring the site. This includes posting and links in your signature. Please contact myself if you would like more information on this.

- Once you have made a post and others have replied to it or replied to the same thread in which your post appeared, you may not delete your post(s), as that destroys the continuity of the thread. Once posted, your comments become property of TaurusArmed.net. If you wish to have a post deleted, please contact a moderator and discuss it with them.

- Sig pictures shall maintain a reasonable size. 500 pixels x150 pixels shall be enough area for you to get the picture.

-Usernames must maintain a PG13 rating, using no vulgarity, suggestion, or any otherwise questionable content.

- Sig text shall take up no more than 6 lines in addition to the sig picture if you have one.

- You may upload custom avatars, but they must follow the PG13 rating.

- Upon achieving 25 qualifying posts you will then see a new section appear called Firearm Sales. This is the only place a member may list a firearm or firearm related items for sale.

- Upon achieving 50 qualifying posts the Political area will become available to you. This is done to weed out those that might come here for the sole purpose of "Politics". TaurusArmed.net is and always will be, first and foremost, a place for Taurus firearms enthusiast to discuss Taurus and it's products.

- Religion offers no real contribution to the designed subject of the forum. Understandably, religion is a part of life, but is not required to better our shooting and firearms owning experience. Please refrain from quoting scriptures into your posts, signatures, and avatars, or steering a topic into a religious debate.

- If you have a problem with another member, please do not take it up in public, that's why we have PM's available for your use. Use them.

- Do not excessively flame a member. We all have opinions. Your opinion, like mine, is like a nose. It smells. We are all entitled to good ones and bad ones.

-Disrespect will not be tolerated on this site. That includes, but is not limited to, other members, staff, government agencies, including law enforcement and militaries, ethnic, religious and racial groups. If you have an issue with one of the listed subjects, you are entitled to express your opinion. Constant agitation with the intent of producing discord, will not be tolerated. Please keep in mind everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and like noses, they all smell. If you feel you must express your opinion, please do so in a tactful manner.

-When quoting the post(s) of another member do not alter the quote by deleting words or adding your own words to the quote. Quote it exactly as it was written by the original poster. You may select a portion of a members post and highlight it or make it bold or change the color of the text to focus or clarify your interest in quoting another member, but do not modify or change the text or words of the quote. If it is a long quote and your interest is only with one portion of the quote you may delete sections of the quoted post either before or after the portion of the quote you wish to use. Please leave a series of periods in the space directly before and after the deletions to indicate that the original quote was part of a longer post. Altering someone else’s words is an act of disrespect and as such will not be tolerated. All content posted on this forum is considered part of the public domain. Moderators will always have the right to change or alter all postings to maintain the integrity of the forum and their decisions in these matters are final. Please be respectful of other member’s words!

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact any member of the staff.

Thank you, on behalf of the Taurus Armed.net Staff.

One has to have the MANDATORY 25 posts and do business in the CLASSIFIED: FIREARMS board for selling, buying, or horse trading.

This is for the OP's benefit.
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