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I'm not Taurus owner yet. Trying like hell to get a good deal on PT24/7 pro in 9mm.
my dealer wanted $475 NIB. I've talked him down to $388. is that about right price?

I've also wants to get some review and aftermarket support for this gun, like sight option, use of tactical rail, and holster option(specialy with raser sight on it)
This is going to be my CCW. I'm getting it to replace my useless as selfdefence PA63.
How are these gun? I like everything about it - Specialy the manual safety.
If it wasn't for the manual safety, i'd have gotten XD9 or S&W MP bynow. But overall fit and balance is far better with 24/7.
I specialy like its smaller then avg 9mm(like XD 5" - which i wanted to get, M&P, or my current Beretta 92F/S Inox) size makes it better gun to ccw then my beretta, and still use 9mm, and full ammo capacity, and it is excellent quality, unlike that of my PA63.

Only things it scares me that i've read few story about FTE, stove piping, and things like trigger broke. I know taurus has lifetime warrenty. But i've also read someone posted somewhere that it took 3 months for them to repair it

So hopefully, I'll know more about this firearm before i'll get it in about week or two

Whats your opnion on this gun? i like to get input form person who actualy shoot this weapon - rather then input from magazine shooter(who knowlege is based sololy on what they read on magazine, that have never even shot one)

thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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