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PT24/7 OSS Magazine in 9MM

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Does anyone know where I can pick up a magazine for a PT24/7 OSS DS in 9MM? Are there any alternative magazines that would work? Any help would be appreciated.
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Well, called Taurus today and they squared me away. I was informed about the settlement. I have to say, I certainly wouldn't want exchange my OSS for the new 111G2. To begin with, there is/was a major price difference between the two, almost like I should get two for the turn in. Considering I already own two PT111G2s, why would I want more. This does though shoot the lifetime warranty on the foot; turn it in for repair and get robbed.
Magazine came in from Taurus today, works like a charm. And wouldn't you know,,,,,,, I found my spare too.
I've three OSS and they are not going anywhere.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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