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PT22 Hammer Assembly

I have researched the forum and could not find the information I need. Recently purchased a PT22. Love the gun, at first. Then it started having several issues with jams, FTF, ejecting, light hits. After much reading, I agree the gun likes to be clean and use CCI. I completely broke gun down for cleaning and a little polishing as suggested by a local gunsmith. BTW - Ramp & chamber polishing fixed most issues! 50+ rounds after only ramp & chamber polish with no fails. I decided to go further and really do complete clean/polish of all internals. Took the hammer assembly apart to get hammer out for 'cleaning & polishing'. I had some drag on the Hammer and slide causing the slide to get gouged and have a very rough action. Got all the work done and started re-assembly. My issue is getting the Hammer Spring Assembly back in. I can not see/tell the easiest way to compress. I did read a post that described assembly with the spring and hammer together at the same time, but I need four hands! I did try this but could not balance all parts, align, push in, pin hammer at same time. Easiest to me would be to put the hammer in place and a use special tool to push assembly down and under hammer. Spring is really stiff! Anyone done this? instructions? I really like the gun and think my 'cleaning/polishing' will greatly improve the action. If it works, I will gladly post pictures and what I did for others... BTW, called customer service to see if I could get help and the answer set me back. I've evidently have taken the gun apart too far. They said I have now voided my warranty. They could only recommend that I send parts to them for assembly with a bench fee. An owner is only supposed to take down to the normal field strip level of slide only and use solvent to clean. No further disassembly approved. Any help appreciated!!
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