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PT1911SS fit and finish observations.

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After a long 2 weeks on layaway, I finally picked up my brand new PT1911SS. While not my first firearm, this is my first 1911. At first glance this pistol is a beauty. However, after bringing it home and going over it in detail I noticed a few things that I don't like.

1. The most noticeable thing is that the slide is not flush with the frame on the left side by about 1/32 of an inch, just enough to be noticeable. The right isn't completely flush, but acceptable at approx. 1/64 of an inch or less. I'm happy to announce that the extractor fits flush with the slide. I'm surprised I didn't see this at the shop as this one sticks out the most, but unless you're really looking you probably wouldn't notice.

2. The frame is uneven around the grip safety as it someone wasn't very careful during fitting. There was more steel removed from the left side than the right and the cut bows out towards the top. The good thing is that you'd be hard pressed to find it unless you were really looking.

3. The serrations on the front left of the slide are cut to less than half the depth of those on the right. :???: Compared to the right, the left is almost smooth. Again, it's probably not noticeable unless you're looking.

It's almost as if Jekyll worked on the right side of the gun and Hyde did the left, or a trainee maybe. I wasn't expecting perfection since though this isn't a custom built match gun, but it's disappointing nonetheless as my gun seems lopsided when compared to all the photos of the PT1911s I've seen on the web. I think the problem is that I'm fondling the damn think and looking at it too much. I really, really need to get it to the range. I haven't field stripped it yet, but looking in the chamber everything looks good. Hopefully Hyde didn't touch the internals.

I doubt there's much I can do about it now and it's nothing a trip to the gunsmith can't fix. I just wish I would have paid more attention at the gun shop, but once I had it in my hands my mind turned to mush and all I could do is say "Gimme" and pull out my wallet. Lesson learned. At least now I know some things to look out for on my next purchase, and anyone else looking to buy a PT1911 should take the time and look for tale tell signs of Mr. Hyde as well.
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Big, this is just an idle observation on my part, but there has been a rash of postings at this site and others where newbies report all of the shortcomings and problems with their new 1911s. If you are for real and your experience is real, then that is too bad. You should just take the gun back and get another one or get your money back. That is how it works. On the other hand, if you are a troll and just tryin' to get on peoples' nerves. thank you for your one post. Now go elsewhere to cause someone else problems.
Yes. I'm for real. As I said in my original post that these flaws aren't really noticeable unless you are really looking. Maybe you're right and I should take it back and exchange it. However, with all the paperwork and waiting for an exchange and a 15% restocking fee for returns I'm reluctant to do so. I'm sorry that a few negative observations bother you so much, but as this cost me $675 out the door I pretty much have a right to point out whatever I'd like about MY pistol. Where else should I post this? I figured a forum for PT1911s would be the proper place considering this to be the most likely place to find other PT1911 owners. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed anything like this with their 1911s.
Now, schoonie, you're being right inhospitable. I mean, for anybody to do what you're insinuating, to get guys to go onto a BBS and intentionally flame a specific gun because of it's brand name.....and to coordinate their attack....well, that would take some truly pathetic, sad individuals who desperately need a life, or to get laid, or something.....

Before having to be told by one of our top notch moderators to stay on topic, I'd like to see some pictures of Big Mike's gun, and the problems he describes. I've had to implement a policy in the past day or two that unless I see pics, the problem doesn't exist. Thanks !!!
OK. If you need proof then, here goes:

Beavertail. Take note of the top left corner.

Then there is the rear of the left slide which isn't quite flush.

It's hard to take a picture of the difference in the cut depth of the front cocking serrations. I tried to tak it dead on. This was the best I could do. As you can see, the serrations on one side can clearly be seen while the other side you can barely tell. I first notice when I tried cocking it from the front. You can really feel the difference.

And no, I'm not a troll. I really was hesitant to even make a post, because I really, really wanted this gun as I heard and saw so many good things about it. I really want to like it. It's still a sweet looking gun and in the end I bought it to shoot, not to look at, but these flaws are there nonetheless. If it were anything other than a gun I would take it back and see if they had another without the flaws. However, they only give store credit on unused guns. On top of that there is a $15 restocking fee + $50 on all returns. Do you think I should call Taurus? Or would it be cheaper to have a gunsmith do a bit of cosmetic work on it? I would be taking it in to a smith after putting 1,000 rounds through it anyway. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping the workmanship is better on the inside because I'd really hate to have any trouble shooting this. I bought it for home defense after all. It doesn't have to look good, but it most definitely has to be reliable. I'm sure you can understand that.

PS. I have a life and get laid regularly. That's why I haven't been to the range. Oh, and if I were worried about brand names I would never have bought my ugly as hell HiPoint JH45. She's big and ugly but has been a very reliable gun so far. I'm hoping the Taurus will be as well.
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I would call Taurus to see if they can do something for you. If they say return it, do so... order another thru the dealer.
Hi Big Mike, welcome to the forum!

Sorry for the skepticism; some of us (myself included) sometimes need to see some visual proof because there seem to be a few Taurus bashers around. ;)

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to call Taurus and tell them what's bothering you, send them pics if they want to see them. Although I’m not sure if they’ll do anything; if this was a $2000 custom 1911 then you’d definetelly have a reason to complain, but with a ~$600 they may consider it normal…
Yeah. I know how some people start threads just to stir things up. I just figured who better to check with than other PT1911 owners. Like you say, this isn't a $2k custom, but I wasn't expecting to find as much as I did. I'm going to call Taurus and let them know and see what they have to say. Having formerly worked in QC before, I tend to get more irked by imperfections than others do. In any case the main thing is how well and reliably it shoots. If there are no problems there then I can overlook the cosmetic flaws as I doubt the BGs will really notice or care when they break in and find me pointing it at them. I'll be sure to post what Taurus has to say and a range report once I punch some holes in the target.
If you are unhappy with the gun, take it back to the dealer and see if they will do an exchange. I didn't notice those types of imperfections in my gun. Hopefully your issues get resolved.
ya this sucks, i feel your pain big, this is a lesson.. and you must learn it the hard way much as I and im guessing many other have.. and it's not enough to learn it once sadly it's a lesson most of us have to relearn over again occasionally especially with guns we are'nt highly familiar with already.

my advice

1. always take a friend with you.. another pair of eyes never hurts.
2. take your time, do not let the dealer pressure you look over every inch and spend at least 15 mins looking it over.. if they hassle you about taking to long, hand back the gun and leave.
3. insist on having the gun field striped practical to do so, ask before doing it you self or let the dealer do it.

even NIB guns can be screwed up and buying a new gun is exciting the above sounds simple enough to follow but its easier said then done.. just keep in your mind.. play it cool, play it cool, take your time.

hope you get it squared away.
joe sixpack said:
1. always take a friend with you.. another pair of eyes never hurts.
2. take your time, do not let the dealer pressure you look over every inch and spend at least 15 mins looking it over.. if they hassle you about taking to long, hand back the gun and leave.
3. insist on having the gun field stripped practical to do so, ask before doing it you self or let the dealer do it.
This is very good advice. Especially the field stripping part---I always field strip a semi-auto pistol before I walk out the door.
Actually, I'm not insinuating anything; this happens all the time. There is a poll on another forum where posters are asked to list experiences with the PT1911. One is:do you own one? Another is: Did you have a serious malfunction or problem with one? Then, the participants are listed by their handles. One of the poll participants listing serious malfunctions with his PT1911 was not listed as "owning a PT1911 and 0 posts as a forum member. So, there is mischeviousness afoot in some places.
My main point here is, I, like this guy, forked over some serious cash for one. Before paying, I checked it out like I did my wife before I married her. Then, I bought it. And, lastly, if you deal with a merchant who won't at least trade you one unused item for another like it, then you should check out the place's sales policy. Just a little griping in the right places does wonders to improve consumer relations, at least for that one product. It makes no difference if you are paying six dollars or $60,000, any new item should be in new shape and the retailer and maker should stand good for a customer's demands.I'm not really defending Taurus products. l just get tired of gripe about something when they only have themselves to blame. After all, our eyes and hands are there to examine whatever we buy BEFORE we buy it. I am just as picky about whay I buy as anyone, but the final responsibility is mine.
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When I went to pick up my pt1911 the dealer was trying to sell me a S&W 1911 with laser grips and desert camo like I need that $1200 total special package. He racked it, I racked it and went to engage the safety it froze half way up. I said oh is this what you get for the extra $600 bucks. He was embaressed and I bought my new Taurus after I checked it out fully. I swear I held my breath untill I got to the range it worked perfectly and still does after 600+ rounds.I love it :)
Partner, that pistol quite obviously has problems of a serious nature. Those pictures make me want to gag. Any effort on the part of a smith to correct those flaws would amount to a band-aid on a gaping wound. At the very least, the machining on the slide has not been accomplished properly, and there just ain't any quick fix for that. I have had a few problems with my own PT 1911, and Taurus didn't question a thing, received it, repaired/replaced the defective parts, and returned it in approx. 5 weeks. Trust me when I tell you that they do not want a pistol with those obvious problems being used or carried, out in the world. I've seen few minor problems that were possibly overstated regarding Taurus stuff online, but in your case, it needs to be corrected NOW...........big time. Good luck with it.
bigmikelaw, I would encourage you to call Taurus CS, describe in detail like you did here and simply see what they say. You have nothing to lose. They might appreciate knowing about the problem and want to fix it. Isn't that what you want?

I, for one, would be very interested in hearing what their reaction is.
Thanks everyone. Here's an update. I stopped at the dealer on Monday. Unfortunately, he wouldn't exchange it. He kindly explained to me that he couldn't exchange it for "cosmetic" reasons. It went pretty much as I expected it would with me being told, "What did you expect for the price? It isn't like you bought a Kimber. It's a Taurus. That's why they are priced so low." Then he did his best to assure me that the gun is made with all good part, Ed Brown parts specifically and pointed out how tight it was and told me that out of the 50 or so he sold he's never had a complaint. Ironically had me compare the tight feel of the Taurus to a Kimber that he pulled out of the rental case. Of course comparing a Kimber that has probably had several thousand rounds through it compared to an unfired Taurus is the epitome of an apples to oranges comparison, IMHO. One of the other workers there told me not to worry about it and that the flaws were probably because the jigs were set to wrong while my gun was being manufactured and hundreds came off the assembly line just like mine. I can only assume that this was a "misery loves company" tactic that somehow was supposed to make me overlook the flaws I'd discovered. It didn't. Then I was told to put a few hundred rounds through it and if there was a problem with it then he would send it back for me. The bottom line is I left left there feeling like a complete douche-nozzle. I don't blame the dealer though. His business is about turning a profit and I'm sure it would be a hassle for him to do an exchange on even an unused gun given all the 2nd amendment unfriendly laws on the books. Besides, I did pick it out and pay for it, so ultimately it's my fault. I'll be paying more attention next time. Thanks for the buying tips. I'll post here what Taurus has to say once I hear from them.

Anyway, it's still a good looking gun even if it is a bit lopsided in some areas. Maybe I should name her "Old Lop Sides".

Here are some pics.

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those shortcomings from a NIB gun would really bother me as well. nothing wrong with expecting new, to mean new---without flaws. the slide fit in rear is especially unacceptable.

and BTW...the idea that workmanship of this type is "normal" and to be expected when you buy a "taurus" instead of an "expensive brand"....that's complete horse manure. the kind of things you're experiencing are not acceptable in any reasonable person's mind. send an email with those images to morrison and tell him you're being told this is "to be expected, because after all, you bought a taurus."

good luck. and don't accept poor quality anything.
Yeah. I called Taurus when I got home from work. They were closed so I left a message for them to call. I'll try to get an email address to send them the pics to. I also have another to add. The bottom portion of the slide that houses the recoil spring is odd. It's flush on one side, and there is about a 1/32" of a gap on the other side. Looking at it dead on it makes it look like the slide and barrel are about to take a sharp left turn, but I couldn't get a good picture of that. You can see how much of a gap there is in this picture though. Note the speck of light coming through.

And here is a left-right comparison. You can also note the difference in the depth of the front slide serrations in these images as well.

Now before anyone thinks "How could he not see this?", let me tell you. So far only one person out of 6 that I've shown the actual gun to notices these things unless I point them out. The guy that noticed only noticed the rear of the slide. That's why I posted here. I figured who better to ask whether or not this is normal or expected than other owners. It would appear that I bought one that slipped by the QC dept. unnoticed.
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i forgot to tell you something....

there's a guy at taurus that is the manager of customer service. his name is Robert, and he's helped me on more than one occassion, including when i bought one of the first 1911's to appear in NC. mine had a defective ejector. robert sent me a brand new gun, immediately upon receipt of my defective gun---which i had fired a couple hundred times. he's helped me with mags as well.

point is, i've found Robert to be reasonable and fair minded. just my experiences, mind you. but i'm a multiple taurus run buyer, and he recognized that meant something. send him your story w/images if you can't get morrison's email. and tell Robert some guy in NC identified him as a stand-up guy. all you want is the new gun you paid for.

let us know what happens.
Thanks t-rubble. I'll ask for him whenever I get to speak to someone at Taurus. Their support hours are 8-6 and I'm on the road at 8 and home well after 6. I left a message and Mike from CS called back while I was at work. My wife explained the situation to him and his response was "What do you expect? These are made in Brazil". I couldn't believe it when she told me this. Also, they have no email address to send pics to anyway. My wife said he had a really shitty attitude. I hope that isn't the general attitude of the rest of the CS staff. Damn! If I wasn't regretting my purchase before I sure am regretting it now. Hopefully I'll be able to speak to Robert and get an exchange, but I'm seriously starting to doubt it.
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