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Many are argueing that the PT1911 is an "entry level 1911" pistol. However, be closest model on the market is the basic Kimber Custom II. The follow are quotes from the two websites describing their guns. The PT1911 is not a competator for the Springfield Armory 1911's... or the other 1911 clones on the market (S&W, Sig, etc.). Taurus obvious is shooting to capture the Kimber market and the newer models (commander size, alloy frames) will challenge most of the Kimber models feature for feature.

Taurus PT1911


The Taurus 1911 features a forged frame, slide and barrel and comes fully loaded with approximately $1600 worth of premium accessories built-in as standard equipment.

Chambered in .45 ACP with a 5' custom fitted barrel, the Taurus 1911 integrates nineteen custom features,

Full-Length guide rod & reverse plug
Heinie Straight Eight Sights
Serrated slide rear and front
Checkered 30-lpi trigger guard
Checkered 30-lpi mainspring housing
Checkered 30-lpi frontstrap
Ambidextrous safety
Beavertail grip safety with memory pad
Target hammer
Skeleton serrated trigger
Trigger job
Custom fit barrel (with gauged bushing)
Custom slide-to-frame fit
Polished feedramp and barrel throat
Lowered and flared ejection port
Custom internal extractor
Extended mag release button
Beveled mag well
Second 8-round magazine

All the major components are custom forged not cast from ordnance grade steel and every component of the original 1911 design is machined by Taurus to tolerance levels that surpass even today's industry standards. As an added commitment to quality, the Taurus 1911 is the only production 1911 imprinted with matching serial numbers on the frame, slide and barrel, ensuring every gun is hand-assembled, hand-mated and hand-fitted for a flawless function.

All models of the 1911 come equipped with two, eight-round magazines with bumper pads

Model: 1911B
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 8+1
Barrel Length: 5"
Action: SA
Finish: Blue Steel
Grips: Checkered Black
Weight: 38 oz
Construction: Steel
Frame: Large
Front Sight: Heinie
Rear Sight: Straight-8
Trigger Type: Ventilated
Length: 6.5"
Width: 1-1/2"
Height: 5.45"
Rate of Twist: 1:16"
Grooves: 6
MSRP: $703.00

Kimber Custom II

Full 5-inch barrel and steel frame.
Match grade frame, slide, barrel, bushing and chamber.
Custom features standard;
extended thumb safety,
high ride beavertail grip safety,
beveled magazine well and
slightly extended magazine release and slide release.
Kimber Tactical Rail™ for accessory mounting available on some models.
Match grade barrel is machined from a single piece of solid steel for accuracy and long life.
Enlarged firing pin stop locks the extractor in position for absolute reliability.
Beveled magazine well on all pistols ensures quick magazine loading.
All Kimber pistols feature a polished breech face for flawless feeding and extraction.

Specifications:Height (inches) 90° to barrel: 5.25
Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 38
Length (inches): 8.7
Magazine capacity: 7
Recoil spring (pounds): 16
Frame:Material: Steel
Finish: Matte black oxide
Width (inches): 1.28
Slide:Material: Steel
Finish: Matte black oxide
Front serrations
Barrel:Steel match grade
Length (inches): 5
Stainless steel match grade bushing
Twist rate (left hand): 16
Sights:Fixed low profile
Radius (inches): 6.8
Grips:Black syntheticTrigger:Aluminum match grade
Factory setting (approx. pounds): 4-5
Retail Price:$795.00

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From the pictures it looks like Kimber copied the Taurus PT1911... ;)

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I have had my Taurus 1911 for a few months now and it's great, I carry it on duty. I have had the Kimber TLEII and a Springfield I like the Taurus just as well as the others.The Taurus shoots very well.

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brian923 said:
man...i started out wanting to buy a 1911. then, i begain trying to get myself into the mindframe of buying a polymer 45, but every time i see this thing of beauty, i second guess myself. man, what to do........
Of the two, buy the one you want the most now. Flip a coin if you have to. Then when you have enough saved for your second purchase, get it. :D Out of curiosity were you looking at any polymer .45s in particular?

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polymers i am considering......

well, for one... i really, really want the 24/7 OSS, but we all know that aint happening anytime soon..... i have also looked at the new FNP .45, it looks pretty sweet, but i have only read one article on it. i have also looked at the XD's but i just dont know. i would love an KH like picture above, but i cant affod that. another pistol that i have loved since i was a kid is the EAA witness match. i know its not polymer, but i really like it. so, as you can see, there is a lot going through my mind. i think that i am just going to have to really study, make a list, and start doing some pros and cons lists, and marking off the pistols that dont meet my wants.... for now ;D.... if i was to have a chance to buy right now, i thin kthat i would pick the EAA for now, and when the oss comes out, go for it. but i know i could talk myself out of that in a hurry :???: we'll just have to wait and see, i dont have the cash right now, maybe thats a good thing. :-[ thanks guys, God bless. brian

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ptcb said:
I have had my Taurus 1911 for a few months now and it's great, I carry it on duty. I have had the Kimber TLEII and a Springfield I like the Taurus just as well as the others.The Taurus shoots very well.
Glad to hear there's someone else who carries the PT1911 on-duty. I was beginning to feel a little lonely.

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I fired a customized Kimber yesterday. The finish was better than my taurus. The trigger was a tad lighter. I really liked the Bomar sights. Overall, it was an excellent pistol. The owner was shooting Georgia Arms reloaded ammo (200 gr ?) that wouldn't load from his mags. He had to fire them single shot. My Taurus doesn't have any problems with Georgia Arms ammo.

It didn't change my mind that the PT1911B is an excellent pistol and a great buy.

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Yeah, the Kimbers have a nice finish for sure. That's the only complaint I have about the Taurus. But my PT will feed any old handload, bullet shape or weight that I have come up with. That makes it a keeper for me. And the trigger has "broken in" to a degree and I can't imagine wanting a much lighter pull on a house gun.

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Mine has had a few problems with my handloads. Probably because I just started reloading and am on the steep part of the learning curve.

I am not too worried about the resale value of any firearm I own. Although almost all would go if the price were right, I have no plans to sell any.
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