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First I would like to start off by saying, this is the only 1911 I've ever held, owned and shot. So I really have nothing to compare it with, except my other semi-autos.

That being said, I LOVE MY GUN!!! I went to the range with 100 rounds of 230 grain CCI Blazers and 50 of the white box Winchesters, same grain. All seemed well until I got what had seemed to be my very first jam. At only my 25th round, I then proceeded to rack the slide in order to clear out the misfeed. Until I realized that I couldn't. I had my left thumb a tad bit to high and accidentally caused the safety to engage. What had originally been a godsend for me as a southpaw, turned out to be my first lesson in how to properly hold my new partner ;D .

Next, I proceeded firing the Taurus. Fast, slow, left, right, up, down and to my delight, my hand did not suffer. I should mention that I had already put 100 round through my PT111 that I spoke of on another thread which gave me some problems. After a proper cleaning and lube job, she was also flawless (thanks Flyer). One time I had the opportunity to fire my neighbor's Glock 36 in .45 (I think that's right). That was a beast, and hurt my hands after a few rounds. My GP100 an take me through 50-70 rounds before I want to put her down. The PT1911 I could have fired all day had I not run out of ammunition.

Grouping, well it's hard for me to explain. I'm still new at this so I'll try not to sound too much like an idiot. First, with any gun I own I have a bad habit of shooting low and to the right. Sometimes left, but mostly right. That can be with my PT111, PT145 or Ruger P89. My GP100 and PT1911 have so far, given me the best accuracy. I actually hit more consistently and group fairly well. I am begining to realize when I flinch, blink and jerk the pistol as opposed to a firm grip, straight arm and proper trigger squeeze .

So even though this is fairly short review. I can actually state that I am really happy with my purchase. I also want to note that I did not experience the bloating from the primer that I've read so much about.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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