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Thought that might be the problem but refrained from entering into the fray. :D My explanations can get long winded and this woud have been one of them. :)

Shooting a 1911 of any kind is a whole change from any other kind of pistol. One has to relearn a lot. Fit, function, grip hold, and manual of arms are all things that need going over in minute detail.

People used to other gun types, or for the first time shooting a SA auto, need to get instruction or findout the basics from a knowledgeable source.

The grip safety and how the gun is gripped are a major areas to cover. Otherwise problems like yours crop up.

Just to add to the problem, every different make and model may have a certain way to hold the gun that has nothing to do with other 1911s. Not all 1911's come with the same mechanical features to fire the gun or make it safe.
One not only has to have a tight grip, but has to adjust the holding hand's grip to push the grip safety all the way off for each shot the same way every time.
I will leave it to the PT1911 users to instruct on this.
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