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PT1911 Great Service & Great Results

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I purchased my new PT1911 on 8/19/07. I took it to the Range 2 days later and on the 4th round (new out of the box) it jammed and could not be cleared. I returned it to the gun shop and the gunsmith made every attempt to correct the problem........no luck ......back to Taurus for repair. This is my second Taurus (other is a revolver) and my second 1911 (other is an Ed Brown Custom). Obviously I was concerned and began having second thoughts about the PT 1911. The 1911 was returned recently after only 3 1/2 weeks and no charge due to the warranty. With some aprehension I took the repaired firearm to the range today. The PT1911 performed flawlessly. After 80+ rounds without a malfunction I was thrilled. Accuracy? At 15ft. handheld, 7 of 8 rounds in a 5" group. After slowly putting 50+ rounds through the Taurus, the accuracy results were as follows. At 10ft. 8 of 8 rounds in a 4" group.
At 25ft 8 of 8 rounds in a 6" paper plate. Now, most impressive of all...
at 50 ft. 5 of 8 rounds in the "head" on a large silouhette target.
Needless to say, I am impressed with the service, quality and accuracy of my new PT1911. What began as a dissapointing experience became a very positive long term result.
Thank you Taurus

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Good story! Glad to hear that Taurus took care of you and made you a happy customer! Welcome to TA!
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