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PT1911 fiber optic front sight

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Dawson Precision (www.dawsonprecision.com) (866-300-1911) is now offering a red fiber optic front sight for the PT1911. Their home page shows a red fiber optic, front sight, Part#020-067 for $39.00. It is .090" wide and .130" high and is designed to work with the existing fixed rear sight. Be advised that under "Front Sights" there is a second sight set, Part# 020-069 for the Taurus PT1911 that is .090" wide and ".180" tall. That's a .050" difference.

I've got a set on order (.130") but I'm concerned about the (unseen) part that Taurus call the "front sight insert" as shown on their schematic and parts list. It it fits and works then my other two PT1911's will be so equipped. I have yet to find an adjustable rear sight that will fit the Hiene dovetail cut on the slide. I think Cimarron found a set listed by AjaxGrips but had issues with the height of the front sight and the adjusted height of the rear sight. Cimmaron will the .180" height be of advantage with the AjaxGrip sight set??

Found fiber optic sight sets for that PT24/7 and PT145 pistols also, but go to that site for info.
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By all means let us know how the installation process and shooting results are. I really would like sights that are easier to see without going laser.
Hi Power,
I was looking at the sight and it looks like the 020-069 is .125" x .180" and not .090 x .180, or am I looking at the wrong thing?
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