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Forgive the possible newb question. I've only owned a 1911 for all of 4 days and I'm not familiar with all the little things just yet...

When I first picked up the pistol, I field stripped it to clean up the shipping grease and such. Oiled it up nice and took her shooting Sunday.

Sunday night, I broke it down again to clean up, but more so to keep in practice of stripping the gun. I set the barrel off to the side and went about cleaning the slide and such.

When I picked the barrel up to put it back in the slide, I noticed that the barrel link was missing. Thankfully, the link and pin was sitting right where I had set the barrel down, so no harm/no foul. But the link pin does not want to sit in the barrel hinge snugly...it floats in place.

Looking at how the barrel sits in the frame, it's impossible for the pin to come free and cause trouble during firing...but I wonder if I should do something to insure the pin doesn't float? Is the gun safe to fire as is?
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