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PT145 Range Report

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Hey all..I finally made it out to the range today with new MilPro PT145. Went to the local Sportsmans to pick up some ammo..decided on some Blazer 230gr fmj's. Purchased 150 rounds, some Corbon JHP's and some Shoot and C's. I have had the milpro for over 2 weeks and didn't have any time till now to go shoot :mad:. I blew threw all of the Blazer in close to an hour with NO malfunctions or anything!!! Loaded up the Corbon's...same outcome...no hiccups!!! My only problem is that I am not used to the Heinie Straight 8's..I was hitting low and to the left. POA was correct..any suggestions? Other than that I was impressed with the operation of the PT145..it felt good to shoot, not hard at all to control.
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Most people have the same complaint about low and left. Mine did the same thing. I corrected the left by moving rear sight. As far as the low I have to aim about 10-12 Inches above target from 20-25 Yards. 20 Feet away I can go to POA and put 10 Rnds through a target a little bigger than a golfball using rapid fire. I figure if I am more than 20 feet away hopefully the noise will scare 'em! :p
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