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I have thought about this with mine too, but I check the safety from time-to-time and make sure it's on. In my holster, you can't get to the trigger without take the gun partially out. The only "safety" problem is the safety itself disengaging and the trigger being pulled, not just jarred, but pulled. That being said, if something is pulling on your trigger enough to shoot the gun, even in SA, as Kansas_Plainsman said, you've got more problems than you might think. I have a Smith and Wesson Sigma 9mm that is DA but I don't worry carrying the PT145 anymore than with that. I think, just as a matter of course, that if you are carrying you are automatically prone to notice small things happening on or around your hip and if anything was to come close to your weapon, you would notice it before it ever got to the trigger, etc.

You should always be aware of a gun discharging when you don't want it to, but worry... I don't. If the safety fails, I'll have (or my wife) a good lawyer talking to the people at Taurus about quality controls, etc...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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