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Flyer, the part he's talking about is item 1.13(captive firing pin return spring) . Cimarron has a pictorial brakedown of the slide assembly in the smithing section. The plastic capture part of the assembly is held in a whole in 1.14(firing pin retaining). The plastic retainer is in two parts, as I found out, and while removing the return spring from the retainer it's possible(I know) to strip out the threads. The part that fits into the retainer seems to take a beating and deforms making removal difficult. Had to use locktite (red) to keep it together.

Need to order a few of those myself. Just add it to the list with the captive recoil spring and a few higher capacity mags for the PT145. Will use the ones for the 24/7. Should get the captive springs for the PT111 also. Maybe after Christmas, money a little tight and I'm at the bottom of my Christmas list.

Took everything apart in the slide just to look and see if everything was clean. Firing pin was the shiniest part on the whole gun. Much more than the feed ramp. Just looking to see it anything might be causing an increase in pressure to the trigger. Nothing in the slide assembly, haven't gotten around to the grip assembly yet.

As far as the captive firing return spring breaking and failing my experience was that the gun failed to DOA. Still fired but with long hard trigger pull. Red locktite has been holding up but it's just temporary. Sounds like the captive springs are fairly cheap and would like to have a few for spares and if the SHIF spare parts kit.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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