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PT145 carry holster

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Just got my new PT145. Got it to be my primary concealed carry weapon. Was wondering which holster can anybody reccomednd, for carry. Also any pics of your PT145 in your holster ????
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I use this one...
DeSantis #28 Cozy Partner. :thumb:
Just ordered a Maverick defender for my PT145 a week ago. About a 14 to 16 week wait but theses are some of the best looking holsters around.

JIT Slide -- Fits close to the body and rides high enough to be covered easily by a loose shirt or jacket...

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It's a PT140, but I am sure the 145 will fit this holster...

Desantis Tuck-this RT side IWB
It's not too bad... I really like the Dakota Defender that was on this page: http://www.kdholsters.com/iwb-defend.php may have to pick that up!
A Fobus SP11B for OWB carry
or a High Noon Holsters TailGunner for IWB at this link http://www.highnoonholsters.com/Pro...Cowhide_C/close_up_tail_gunner_cowhide_c.html

The Tailgunner took about 12 weeks to get, but it is absolutely a perfect fit for the gun.
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I like the High Noon "Side Guard" for OWB:

I just ordered a Memphis IWB holster from southern holsters...I'll post a review on it when it arrives...8 weeks out I suspect.


Both have side "sweat" guards...keeps it off the skin and very comfortable.
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