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PT145 broken guide rod questions

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Greetings everyone. It was a beautiful day out, so off I went to the range with my PT145 to get some practice in. I didn't get much. After firing 20 rounds, I was ejecting the magazine to load it up and noticed that the front of the guide rod had lost a big chunk out of it. About 1/3 of the flat cap on the front is chipped off and somewhere in the mud at the range.

I did a search on this and did not find anything, so I am hoping this is just a random happening. Has anyone else had any trouble with this? If so, did you have to send the pistol back to Taurus or did they send you a new guild rod?

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I beleive there is a thread on that very problem. I will go looking.
PennsyP said:
If so, did you have to send the pistol back to Taurus or did they send you a new guild rod?
I called customer service, they had me send in the recoil spring assembly (guide rod), and I had a new one in less than a week in the mail.
Thanks guys. Doug, I am going to call them tomorrow morning and see what they say, but I am encouraged that they were willing to send you the part. This might be a good time to send in that magazine I can't get to work right as well. One of my mags feeds rounds just fine, but it will not hold the slide back on the last round, nor will it eject when the release is pressed.
I called Taurus this morning and was told to send it back and they'll send me a new one. The guy mentioned something about a washer on the front to keep this from happening again, so it sounds to me like there is some sort of a design change. Anyone know anything about that?
PennsyP said:
Anyone know anything about that?
Yep. The hole in the front of the slide was chamfered just a tad too much, allowing the recoil spring assembly to slip through it once a little wear occurs. The washer is just an easy and effective fix to sort of increase the diameter of the spring seat enough to keep that from happening.

You'll be permanently fixed once you install the new recoil spring assy.
My PT111 did the same thing. Did yours look like this?
Mine didn't break quite that dramatically, but it was close. I thought about taking a picture of it, but I was in a hurry to get out the door to go somewhere else, and the PO was en route, so mine is already halfway to Miami or better.
Different gun but my 27/7 snapped at the end where it rests against the barrell. Quick turnaround. I was happy.
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