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I've owned my PT145 since January of this year. So far, I have put approx 300 rounds through it. I have tried the following ammo with mixed results...

Blazer Brass 230 Grain FMJ
Blazer Brass 230 Grain JHP
Winchester 230 Grain FMJ
Winchester 230 Grain JHP
Remington 230 Grain FMJ

"Mixed results" have been a few failures to cycle/chamber the next round. It has been worse with the hollow points-- much worse. The action with the hollow points seemed slow/sluggish and there were several failures to feed the JHP ammo (nose dive).

Anyway, I read on this forum a few suggestions of different ammos with different grains. I was at a gun show recently and decided to pick up some Hornady ammo and try it out.

Hornady 185 Grain JHP XT

I only put 20 rounds through it since that is all I bought for this initial trial (Damned expensive ammo). But, I've found that it seems to be well worth the price! I know that 20 rounds is not enough to gauge the merits of this ammo, but I can tell you that it cycled through the weapon perfectly. I note that every single round of hollow point ammo before I tried the Hornady had a sluggish feed cycle during shooting. It was so bad that I decided not to use JHP ammo in this weapon for defensive purposes. The Hornady JHP, however, cycled smoothly every time.

So, I will be purchasing more of this ammo for further testing. I wanted to let other PT145 owners know what I have experienced. If you are having cycling problems (feeding problems) with your PT145, you may want to give this ammo a try.
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