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Alright guys, I have off-loaded my PT140MilPro so I need to sell these holsters before they wind up in the "box" with the others.
I believe any holster for the 140 will also fit the 111 since it is the same frame.
First up is a black High noon split decision. Used a couple times. Looks new. $30 shipped
Second is a burgundy Don Hume IWB. Used but in good condition. I think this is a great holster for the money. $15 shipped
Third is a Fobus paddle holster. Nice easy to use holster $15 shipped
Lastly is a shoulder holster that I used one time when riding my scoot. It's not an Uncle Mike's but similar type holster. $10 shipped.
I am traveling until tomorrow but can ship on Friday. If the buyer is an active long time member here I will ship before receiving payment. If they aren't then I will need to receive the $ before I ship. Just to manage expectations, I do travel about 60% for my job and will be out of town next Wednesday and Thursday so for new members here I won't be able to ship until next Friday if you are interested since I probably won't receive your payment until I get home.
I will keep these here on this forum for a couple days before putting on other forums since this is a Taurus forum. If interested send me a PM with address and I will respond with mine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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