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I think its a PT140, nice looking grips...

New Hi cap Mill 40


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It looks like an old PT140 with some peel and stick vinyl fake wood grain on the handle ???

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I have no idea if it is factory or not, but the seller claims its a brand new PT140. It appears to be some righting on the grips or that could be a watermark???
Ya something is fishy. Notice the one I posted has the same flat bottom with the pinky rest of the mag being below the frame and not contured with it like most of the new ones, it also seems to have the flat smooth handle sides with the grip bumps on just the front and back and not all around like the new ones. The pic I posted is of a non Pro first gen pt140.

Also the one you posted does not seem to have dove tail sights which is what all new models should have
This is a new MP PT140. I took delivery last week on one like it except it has a stainless steel slidel.

I bought it to replace a 24/7 .40 cal because it is easier to carry concealed. I've only put 120 rounds through it so far, but I like it so far.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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