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PT140 First impressions

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The PT 140 is the first gun i have owned, and the third i have ever shot, so i am definately not an expert.
Well, i got my hands on some winchester and federal range ammo so i went out to the G/f's families property to go shooting.
The gun shot great, no issues except for one round that did not fire on the first trigger pull, but fired on the second.
The recoil wasnt too bad, and my accuracy was OK. I definately need to get out with some proper targets so i can improve my accuracy.
I also shot 10 rounds of hollow points ( hornady Zombie max ) and had no problems.
All in, i'm quite happy with my purchase and cant wait to go get some more practice.
Once i improve my accuracy, i am going to go look into getting my concealed carry permit.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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